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Areas where we help.

  Homeless is a less than comfortable outlook on life, we treat the affects as to the reasons homeless became homeless, finding shelter, encouraging a new life with job skills, a greater self worth and engaging a better personal social climate and worth fullness.

Drugs and alcohol have become the number one reason for deaths in the United States, we treat the daily pain of dependence, serving the community without a selfishness, find skills, ongoing testing for a cleaner individual.

Abuse comes from all aspects of life, we treat the abusers and identify their behavior and give solace to those whom have been abused, sometimes the abused need to take new directions as we balance their life choices.

Mental health known, as we thought was just a few, it affects more through life than we thought, we give direction to those in need, finding the best possible avenues for a more suitable and treatable life, as mental health in its infancy, cures are sometimes marked with trial and error.  However approaching a  better and more productive life may be enjoyed by all.

Pet rescue seems to be an odd blend, but working shelters offering a place the addicts, homeless and mental health can find a more healing process in their lives and recognize some great good has become of helping a less fortunate being.